Brian Magee - Rythm Guitar

I am Brian Magee, rythm guitarist for Dead Syndicate. My weapon of choice is a WRMG series Jacksos Warrior, with an EMG 81 at the bridge. The damn thing balances great and stands out among the rest. I string it up with the only strings I have ever used, 10 gauge GHS Boomers

My amunition is a dual channel Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier, which at least for now is mounted atop a Celestion equipped Crate cab. For anyone looking for outstanding distortion and enough power to raise the dead, get a Mesa.

John and I met in elementary school and we both started playing guitar at the age of eleven. We would sit in his basement with our little 10 watt amps for hours making horrific noises, but we always had that dream of getting better and eventually one day being in a band. The years passed and after seeing too many shows we had to start someting.

In the riffs I write, I always try to have a groove to it. You know when you pop in an old blues record and can't help but slap your knee. That groove where you get half way through our set and you realize that you've been noddin your head the whole time. To me you could be the fastest guitar player in the world, would I be impressed? Yeah, but if you dont have that groove it gets boring. When it comes to music your suposed to hear and feel it.