Donny Doss - Vocals

Born Donald Lee Doss, October 18th, 1984. I was born and raised in Dale City, Virginia with my mom Susan, my dad Tom, and my older and only brother Tommy. My parents divorced in 1994 and while my dad moved out of state, I've never really known any other place. My father has re-married and I now have 2 step sisters and a half sister to complete my immediate family. I had lived in 3 houses within about 5 miles of each other from the time I was born until after high school. I graduated from Hylton High School in Woodbridge, VA in 2002 and moved to Stafford county shortly after. I have already lived in 3 different places in Stafford, but just recently bought a townhouse here where I believe I'll be staying for quite a while. I am currently 21 years old, working as a computer technician out of Quantico, VA, and loving life on my own.

Im a very simple guy, very straight forward, and very family oriented. The most important things in my life have been and always will be my family and close friends. At this point it seems like they are one in the same. Besides my brother, Ive only known my bandmates for a little over a year now but from day one it felt like I was right at home. I think thats what will ultimately make us successful. For the most part we all get along extremely well, and have somehow managed to avoid any kind of real fight. These guys are an extension of my family, they are all my brothers. It brings a level of comfort to the practice spot, the stage, everything. To me, we arent just a band. We're friends and family who happen to come together to make some brutal fuckin music, and theres no other way Id have it.

Beyond family and music, Im a huge sports fan. I love all of my local teams, and follow them religously, especially my Redskins. I dont really have any other serious interests. I work as a computer tech, but I hate computers. I used to work as an auto mechanic, and I'll always be a classic car enthusiast. I own a 69 Chevy Nova, that's my baby. Hopefully by the time Im 60, I'll have her the way she ought to be.

Other than that, there ain't much to say. Im pretty quiet, downright shy if I dont know you. Im real laid back, and easy to get along with, I picked that up from my dad. My personality rarely reflects a frontman's persona. I never want to be the center of attention, and there will never be an ego to battle. I'm more for group success than being a superstar, and I don't put myself above anything, or anyone. I've been that way before the band was even a possibility for me. I am as down to earth as anyone you'll meet, and for friends and family at least, what's mine is yours. Basically, Im just here to enjoy my time on this earth, make some good friends along the way, and just have some god damn fun. I think people generally take life too seriously and I never want to be apart of that group. I'm not at all religious. My beliefs go as far as simply doing what makes you happy. Life is too short to be worried all the time. Make the best of bad situations, dont make enemies when you dont have to, and while you are here, have a fuckin blast!!!!!

My musical roots go back to rockin the classics with my dad. Anything from Lynard Skynard, to the Allman Brothers, to Black Sabbath. Once I came of age and started to form my own style and my own interests, Id have to say my biggest influence was my brother. I was probably about 11 or 12 years old when he introduced me to metal. The big two for me were definately Pantera and Metallica, the old shit of course. To this day Pantera is still my favorite band, and the band I idolize the most. I remember rockin Vulgar Display of Power with my brother. Just a little kid, I didnt know shit about shit really. But there was something about their sound. I'd never heard anything like it and was instantly hooked. Fast, blistering music, brought to life with violent, powerful vocals. They really opened the door for me musically, and are still a huge influence for me. Along with Pantera, my favorites are Lamb of God, The Black Dahlia Murder, Sepultura, and Hatebreed to name a few. I do still enjoy classic rock, and Im a fan of the blues, but mostly just metal, metal, and more fuckin metal. The funny thing about me being in this band, is while Ive always been a metalhead, I was never really big into death metal. I always had a huge respect and amazement for it but truthfuly, could never really handle it. I was more into metalcore bands and the hardcore scene. Heavy shit, but music that just wont touch the brutality of death metal. Thats another thing that I love about this band, we influence each other. My favorites and style have spilled over into some of the shit that John and Brian listen to, and vice versa.

My favorites on the Death Metal side of the house are the old school bands like Deicide and Morbid Angel, and the newer shit like Vile, Nile, and Dying fetus. Being around these guys have definately broadened the categories of metal that I listen to. And it really helps me as a vocalist to hear and study the masters of this craft. To hear death metal vocals at its finest, and then blend my style into it, makes things so much simpler for me. I will forever maintain that I am not a death metal vocalist, but I think Im starting to bridge the gap a little bit at a time.

As well as being my biggest early musical influence, my brother is mostly responsible for putting my gift to work. I never really knew that I could do what I do. It went as far as me having some fun in my car, just screamin along with my favorite cd's, that was it. I remember one day driving around with my brother, just doin what I normally do. He said to me, "Donny, Im pissed off that you're not in a band..." Thats all it really took right there. I know my bro has a good ear, and he's very straightforward so I knew he wasn't blowin smoke. At that point, I began to take it seriously. Id practice ranges, volumes, anything I could think of to better my voice. It went from just having fun in my car, to trying to find a band. At the time, Tommy had a rock band he formed with some buddies from his college. They were doing some recording and wanted to have some background screams for one of their songs. Tommy recommended me and I met up with them at this studio to lay some stuff down. I knew I could do it, but Im not a self promoter, so I didnt really know what to think of it all. I ran through a couple things and after hearing me for myself, and seeing the look in the eyes of people watching, it became clear what I needed to do.

I immediately started looking around for metal bands in the area looking for singers. About a month or so went by and I hadn't found a damn thing. One day I was just sittin at home, bored as hell, and decided to take a look online for some musicians wanted ads. I searched every site I could find and there was only one ad for a metal band needing a singer in this area. Turns out the one ad is all I'd need, as it put me in contact with John. I replied to the add, and sent John an MP3 of the song I recorded with my brother's band. I let them know that I was just the backup vocals, and that the band wasnt my style, but at least they could hear what I sounded like. They listened to the demo and then had me come out for a tryout. After listening to the songs John, Brian, and Mike had written at the time, I was completely blown away. This was the only time I think any of us have been uncomfortable with each other. They were looking at me like, "he fuckin hates us." And I was looking at them like, "Are they serious? how the fuck am I gonna scream that fast?" Once we got past the gettin to know you stage, our thoughts on each others talents became clear. They hailed me as some godsend, but all the while I was thinking the same thing about them. We moved from the garage into John's room and after screamin along with The Great Southern Trendkill, I was offered the job and never looked back. Before, I was a voice with no band, now, this band is my life. No matter what they'll tell you, I need them a hell of a lot more than they need me...

Shure Sm58 Wireless Mic System
Fender P-250 Passport PA System
The power of the Mountain Lion (thank you Brian Magee)