John Styers - Lead Guitar

Ever since I was able to make sense of music, I have been a big metalhead. Of course it took me a while to realize what "real" metal was. To me death metal is the only form of music where the only boundary is that there is no boundaries. You can't just write some simple shit and expect to be happy with it. There are boundless options with it.

The object to me is to be more brutal and more technical and more heavy with every song. Without that I wouldn't consider it death metal. Its the only form of music that gets the blood pumping through my veins at a million beats per minute. Its just sick. Period.

When I started playing guitar I knew I would be playing metal. No questions asked. It started out with Metallica and shit like that when i was about 11 but I just grew every year with my playing and with what I listened to. I mean, there is a big difference between playing and listening to stuff like Metallica and then moving on to shit like Decrepit Birth. I just wasn't enlightened to it at that age. I was a late bloomer.

My first "real" metal albums were Morbid Angel's "Domination" and Malevolent Creation's "Eternal". I was sold right then. That was when i was about 14. Give or take. Those two are still always in good rotation in my stereo.

Brian and I both knew we would be in a band since the day we decided to play guitar. We seperated for a few years but then once we got back together and started jamming it was all over. I went online looking for a drummer and vocalist and thats how we got Mike and Donny. There were a few in-betweeners before we got the solid 5 we have now. Every song gets better. Every lyric gets stronger. Every one of us gets better everytime we play. It is a great thing.