Tongues of flame
Lick the night sky
Acrid smoke rise
Singing of Troy
While my city dies
And on the sixth day
The ferile twins cried

As I watch it burn
As I watch it burn

Domus Aurea
My citadel proud
God, Father, King
Thy temple torn down
Rumors persist
A goat for the crowd
Thus I offer thee
Disciples (of the) etched shroud

As I watch them burn
As I watch them burn
Like marionettes on a pyre
Gardens lit by holy fire
In darkness shines, light of your life
For this I decree…

Fot all eternity shall I be your anti-christ!

As I watch them burn!
As I watch them burn!

It always begins with a song of prayer and the faint crackling of kindling surrendering to a spark.

Then as the pungent smoke rises the prayer fills with panic and my heart begins to warm while the screaming begins.

My, how the still of night is split by the shrieks of agony as the flames gently crawl up their legs.

And as I bend to smell the flowers lit by their writhing, charred bodies I smile and rightly proclaim “I am a god!”, “I am a god!”, “I AM A GOD!!!”