I have dwelled in shadow for two-thousand years
Death denied me once I washed my hands of thee
I was but a pawn left to dwell upon the glories of His rising.
Roam among the scum for eternity, why did He not die for me?

I, Pilate

Searching for your darkness hiding in the light
Dolorous, the crucifixion glares at me
Ceasar called my name, your son bore the fame, Why am I the one to blame?
You revealed your plan at Gethsemane, Why did you not warn me?

I, Pilate

Now it is my time
All your children come to me
They will see your lies
Watch your glory atrophy
Iíll lead them astray
Billions turn away from you
They will watch you die
As I watched at Calvary

I have bellowed forth the call to sinfulness
Eagerly the sheep begin to flock to me
Soon it will begin, a rebellion against the holy charlatan
Across the battlefield, just the Holy See, to defend The Trinity

I, Pilate

Necromancer raise him up, your child, the king
I will send him down into the depths again
Free will turns the tide, mankind by my side, to commit the deicide
I, your bastard son, for oblivion, Father, I am coming home

I, Pilate

Holy Father
The Prodigal is at your door
You left me for the carrion
And Iíve returned with the sword
If youíd granted absolution
Then I would have known your face
But because you had forgotten me
I have brought about the end