Plague of all plagues
as we slowly watch you rotting away
your worth is nothing a putrid pile
devoured by it's greed
nothing will be spared
Spreads fast
consuming everything in its path
cycle never ending
it writhes its way in
laying its eternal seed
it will thrive leaving you nothing
Disease running its course
all is finally lost now
world on its death bed
saying its last prayer
Raping mother earth
no consequence for us
pillage your resource
scorned planet shows it wrath
It destroys all without a trace
leech on the skin results in plague
grasping for air you'll suffocate
now taking hold feel no more pain
your final day is wearing thin
look all around you no more skin
there's no more air for you to breathe
now close your eyes and go to sleep
We think we know the way
our existence brings us down
you are our willing host
destroying everything
epidemic of life
spreads fire for your lies
the plague is seeping
through your blood filled eyes...eyes
They tear you down
deeper than the bone
yet they still feel the need
to call you home
My satisfaction gained by your demise
disintegrated you to dust
nothing left to touch