Jaime asked me to bring Evilyn for his Brits by the Bay display after Andy Wheeler's car was hit. When he told me Evilyn would be parked next to Eleanor, X180R1, how could I refuse?

Video of Eleanor leaving Jaime's display.
(11.5 MB)
Video of Eleanor driving up to the trailor.
(5 MB)

Video of the British tank leaving the show.
(2.7 MB)
Video of two nice Jaguars departing.
(3.3 MB)

Evilyn and Eleanor. Racing heritage and exotic legacy.

Both cars got a lot of attention Saturday. Eleanor. X180R1 Esprit. 1 of 5.

Eleanor's interior. Looks great for a race car interior.

That's me hoisting myself into the driver's seat! Here I am, sitting in the first of five factory racers.

No need to explain that grin on my face. Eleanor's engine bay. Truly a work of art.

A gorgeous Lotus Elite. And that's me next to it.

Yesteryear Motorsports vendor display (starring Eleanor and Evilyn.) Yes, someone brought a tank.

Always one of my favs, the Delorean. Gullwing doors = impressive.

Very well laid out interior. The Delorean's engine bay.

Kasia loves the Minis. This is Jaime's. And here she is with an original.

Two beautiful E-types. I really liked this color scheme.

A view of the field. A really nice Autin Healey.