LOG Pictures!!!
August 20, 2003
90 pictures in 3 galleries, with many more to come!!!!!

LOG Videos!!!
August 20, 2003
A dozen videos from the LOG parking lot and autocross event!

ECU Removal Video (3.5 MB)
July 11, 2003
Instructional video showing how to remove the ECU and MEMCAL.

Brits by the Bay
July 26, 2003
Pictures from the Pasedena, MD show.

Vince's Hayabusa
April 15, 2003
My officemate Vince's new toy.

Britain on the Green
May 4, 2003
British car show in Alexandria.

Weathershield Cover
April 8, 2003
I took these pictures of my Weathershield car cover so you can see how one fits.

April 14, 2003
Took pictures of Evilyn after one coat of Zaino polish.

The Evilyn Gallery
March 25, 2003
These are all pictures I took last year of Evilyn back at the old house.

Yesteryear Motorsports
April 3, 2003
I took these pictures when I picked up Evilyn from Jaime at Yesteryear Motorsports this afternoon.