So you might be asking yourself, "Why the name 'Evilyn?' " Lotus has a long tradition of producing cars which start with the letter "E." While I didn't insist on a name with an "E", the name I chose for my Esprit just happened to fit the mold. I wanted a name that fit my personality, tastes, and the look and feel of the car.

When I was picking out the personalized plates for her the other day, I finally decided on plates that fit perfectly, and it led right into the name (I'll post the plates only once I get them reserved.) I decided on Evilyn, after an Entombed song from 1991's Clandestine CD. Besides being a favorite song of mine, the name, the lyrics, the car all fit perfectly. So now she not only has a name, but a theme song and an attitude all her own.

(Lyrics: Andersson
Music: Andersson/Cederlund/Rosenberg)

the day of dark
in my sorrow I am engulfed
my fear showed
my forever needed spark

Gone is my fear for not having it all
here now and forever
yet I'm still hearing her calls
for my wicked needs but I will never answer
dead now is Satan's daughter

She sucked the marrow out of my life
but still her I was feeding
God's beloved Satan's wife
I was totally f**king breeding

She's gone down below
but I'm no longer at her side
and I'm drunk with the love
of the dead who is my bride

I married the dark
from which I was born
like an infant I cried
she gave me the spark
from which I was torn
like an elder I died
I'll never believe
and I never will see
her face again
my burning desires
burns deep in hellfire
I will rise in the end