The following are the specifications for a stock 1993 Esprit SE, courtesy of Evilyn has had several performance upgrades, but she has not been dynoed or run through the traps yet to assess her actual horsepower and acceleration numbers. Changes to stock configuration/performance appear in blue.


Cylinders: Four in line
Capacity: 2174cc Bore/Stroke: 95.3mm x 76.2mm
Max Power: 264bhp/197kW @ 6500rpm (DIN 70020)
Max Torque: 261 lb ft/354Nm @ 3900rpm (DIN 70020)
Max Engine Speed: 7400rpm
Block: Aluminium alloy, Nikasil coated wet liners.
Head: Aluminium alloy.
Pistons: Forged aluminium, chromium plated crowns.
Valve Gear: Dohc, belt-drive four valves per cylinder Sodium filled exhaust valves.
Compression Ratio: 8.0:1
Turbocharger: TEC T3/T4 Hybrid.
Boost Pressure: 1.20 bar maximum.
Chargecooler: Engine mounted intake chargecooler with independent mechanically driven liquid cooling system. Front mounted chargecooler heat exchanger.

Max speed: 165 mph
Acceleration: 0-60mph: 4.7secs