LOG 23 AUGUST, 2003

Johan's 210.7 Mph ExtremeTaxi
(1.56 MB)
Evilyn at LOG 23
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Some of the boys back from a run
(1.77 MB)
A Steven's and a G-body
(1.77 MB)

The Europa from right here in Fairfax
(1.00 MB)
Nice white Esprit
(1.00 MB)

Ibiza Blue S4s. One of two in the U.S.
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Lotus 7 at the autocross
(919 KB)

Esprit at the autocross
(926 KB)
Lotus Exige at the autocross
(1.19 MB)

Lotus Elise at the autocross
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Race Europa posted the best time of the day
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